A Farewell to Arms

Written by Neal on September 13th, 2008

Title: A Farewell to Arms
Author: Ernest Hemingway
Year: 1929

‘What do you think of the war really?’, I asked.
‘I think that it is stupid’

What is with Hemingway and his depressing endings?

The basic plot of the story is an American, Lieutenant Frederick Henry, fighting for the Italians against the Austrians in World War 1. It is a story of tragic fatalism where the entire novel foreshadows the events of its ultimate conclusion. The novel brings us through Fred’s pivotal events of his wartime experience. He becomes injured early on, finds love, recovers and eventually abandons the war altogether.

Overall I find Hemingway to be an enjoyable read. I find his prose clean and succinct. This book is probable his best.

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