Atlas Shrugged

Written by Neal on September 5th, 2008

Title: Atlas Shrugged
Author: Ayn Rand
Year: 1957

Who is John Galt?

Atlas Shrugged is one of my favourite books. Not only does it tell an excellent story, the philosophical premise behind it is intriguing and thought provoking.

The main character in the book is Dagny Taggart, who is an industrialist struggling to survive in an anti-industrial world. The story is used to explain and illuminate Ayn Rand’s intriguing philosophy of Objectivism.

I highly recommend that everyone read this book. In fact, in 1991 in a joint survey by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club, Atlas Shrugged ranked second (to the Bible) on a list of “books that made a difference” in peoples’ lives.

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