Don Quixoté

Written by Neal on September 11th, 2008

Title: Don Quixoté
Author: Miguel de cSaavdra
Year: 1605

If in case the gentlemen should want to know who the valiant hero is who put them to flight, your worship may tell them, that he is the famous Don Quixoté de la Mancha, otherwise surnamed the knight of the rueful countenance.’

What is there to say about this novel? From the painful first chapters, to the excellent ending it is a most unique read. The author continually makes mistakes in his tale, and sometimes is completely diverted from telling the real story.

This is the tale of a haphazard knight-errant and his loyal squire. The main issue with the knight is that he is completely mad when it comes to chivalry. In all other regards, he is perfectly sane and even wise. There is quite a bit of comedy surrounding his adventures, or more accurately his misadventures.

This novel is pretty long. It drags in some sections, and some of the areas that are supposed to be humorous are just pathetic. There are quite a few blaring mistakes in the novel that adds to the overall tone of the tale. It is also easy to see the progression of the author throughout the book, as he moves from an inexperienced to a professional tale-weaver. Overall, a good read but I did not find it as good as I was expecting.

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