Rob Roy

Written by Neal on September 23rd, 2008

Title: Rob Roy
Author: Sir Walter Scott
Year: 1817

For Why? Because the good old rule
Sufficeth them; the simple plan,
That they should take who have the power,
And they should keep who can.
Rob Roy’s Grave. – Wordsworth

If you have seen the move, forget it. The book has very little to do with the movie. In fact, Rob Roy is only in about 1/3 of the book.

The novel is about a young man who defies his father and refuses to take on the family business. His father is a successful merchant and the son wants to be a poet. The father sends his son to his brother and the book tells of this journey and the consequences of it.

I enjoyed the book but some sections were hard to read. When the Scotts are speaking in their native dialect, the novel is hard to understand. In my copy, there was a glossary in the back, but flipping back and forth seemed to break the flow of the story so I soon stopped. I think this is one of the first historic Fictions, as Rob Roy really existed, which is kind of cool. Other than the dialogue problems, it is a good book to read and I recommend it.

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