The Lost World

Written by Neal on September 16th, 2008

Title: The Lost World
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Year: 1912

I have wrought my simple plan
If I give one hour of joy
To the boy who’s half a man,
Or the man who’s half a boy.

This a quaint little book. It is short (it took me a day to read), but it is pleasurable none the less.

The narrator is a journalist, E.D. Malone, who takes part in a fantastical journey to the depth of South America. He partakes in this expedition to impress a girl, but in it he grows as a man. His little troop comes upon a plateau that has been left in time, so much so that dinosaurs still roam around freely.

While the book is too short to develop the characters to any depth, the author is intelligent enough to only introduce four main characters. It is a delightful romp through a fantastical world that is described wonderfully. I recommend this read to anyone with a little time not wanting to tax themselves with a heavy plot.

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