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Moby Dick

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Title: Moby Dick
Author: Herman Melville
Year: 1851

Call Me Ishmael!

I found this book OK. The emotional struggle between Ahab and the White Whale was written very well. When the book was telling the tale it was riveting. The only problem is that the author frequently sidetracks to inform the audience about various whaling practices. These tend to be overly-descriptive, long-winded and boring. In one section, when he is talking about the measurements of the whale I actually fell asleep reading it!

One interesting thing about the book is it sometimes takes a Shakespearean twist with play-like soliloquies. Often times these are used to reveal information about the characters that needs to be told.

The chapters in the book are very short. There are 135 chapters for a 590 page book! It is great for reading on the train, as it allows you to have convenient breaks in regular intervals.

Overall, I recommend this book. The story is very good, only a little wordy in sections.

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